The dawning of a new decade

We haven’t stayed up late celebrating New Years since we’ve had children. It didn’t take long to realize that while we partied until midnight, the boys still woke up for their party at 6am! Yikes. But this year, Blake and I rang in the New Year the best way I could’ve imagine – waking up early, sipping coffee together, reading the scriptures, praying and reflecting on the last 10 years. I’m still smiling about it!

The boys and I celebrated by having our dear friend Miss Bri over for the whole day, enjoying our normal routines.

Tristan was glad to have someones undivided attention for a while.
The weather was glorious! We brought all sorts of activities outdoors.
Adon enjoying his daily “listen story” (aka Audiobook) of the Boxcar Children, story #79. This time drifting back and forth on the new swing we got from GG for Christmas.

We’ve noticed a trend lately with the holidays (birthdays, halloween, Christmas) that the gift-receiving can very quickly create tunnel vision and block out the joys of gift-giving or just pure contentment. This year, while of course we still enjoyed the receiving of gifts, we also made sure we sent thank you cards for all the wonderful gifts we did receive from friends and family. Here’s Adon decorating all the cards with his artistic touch.

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Follower of Christ, Wife to Blake, Mother to Adon, Tristan, and Micah. Dedicated to providing a home filled with nourishment, respite, beauty, laughter, and never-ending growth, and bringing that same light out of the home to a lost world. Striving to "taste & see" God's goodness in all of life.

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