stop and smell the roses

We set out this Wednesday to the library. It’s one of our fav’s because of the activity area, the great books at our fingertips, and it’s location – stationed right at Lake Morton where the habitat for graceful birds, ducks, and swans. But the real reason mom treks here is because of the new Black & Brew coffee shop that’s now inside the library! This is my true motive for getting out the door.

Tristan is finally at the age where he’s more interested in the legos and puzzles, than he is just running around a knocking all the books off the shelves. (hallelujah)
Adon asking the librarian for books on “Authors”.
He wanted to know about the “people that write the books.”

The library wasn’t our only stop today. As we were driving to the library, passing Florida Southern College, we were quickly tantalized by the incredible campus fountain which was turned on, beckoning us to wade in it’s cool, blue water! So, we happily appeased the urge.

It occurred to me later while looking at the fountain that Frank Lloyd Wright replicated the same arches in and throughout the campus infrastructure.
Yes, it was as refreshing as it looks.

The campus landscaping is truly enchanting. Like little snippets of the Secret Garden. We enjoyed it mostly to ourselves as the students are on Winter Break. Any chance we get, we put our feet in the earth. We also enjoyed sharing an orange right off one of their many fruit trees.

“I got an idea! Let’s go sit under the tree and chat about our dreams and the future.”
Music to my ears 🙂

The rose gardens (which I forgot to snap a picture of because we were too engulfed in the moment) were by far my favorite. Hints the name of this post, stopping to smell these roses was truly intoxicating. There was a peach one with pink freckles that stole my heart. I may considering developing a green thumb just for her. We also had a good ole time watching the bee’s go around in circles collecting pollen grains for pollination.

We’ll definitely be back.

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Follower of Christ, Wife to Blake, Mother to Adon, Tristan, and Micah. Dedicated to providing a home filled with nourishment, respite, beauty, laughter, and never-ending growth, and bringing that same light out of the home to a lost world. Striving to "taste & see" God's goodness in all of life.

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