Houdini & Quarantining

We’ve seemed to have had one crisis after another lately. Tristan climbing out of his crib (no matter what deterrents or traps or gadgets we set-up) and now, the coronavirus pandemic. Our little Houdini seems to keep escaping and keeping us up in the wee hours for 3 weeks now. The social distancing mandated to prevent the spread of the virus has made us quiet stir crazy. Combining sleep deprivation with not being able to see anyone except each other has caused quite a few meltdowns (mostly from mom). However, I think we’re on the up and out with our “new normal” and Blake and I have started implementing some new hopeful strategies for Tristan and have found ways to keep the isolation fun!

In the meantime, here are some of the neat things we’ve been up to the last month or so. Starting with at home…

Post-quarantine pool purchase

Lots of outdoor play including identifying the wild flowers in our very backyard. Those include the Oriental Hawksbeard, Spanish Needles, and Violet Woodsorrels (pictured). We learned most of them are edible and their medicinal uses. Adon was fascinated by this and it has sparked his desire to learn about every flower, plant and seed we come across.

One day, Tristan fell and scraped his knee. As he cried and I held him, Adon ran inside to set up a “boo boo feast” so that his little brother would feel better. It worked. 😊

We also need enjoyed many trips outside the home (before the virus sequestered us).

Hikes, hikes, and more hikes. We love going on trails with friends and each other. There is always something new to see! This was a combination of hikes with some Wild + Free homeschool friends, some new/old friends that moved back to Lakeland, and family hikes.

We also snuck in a beach trip to the gulf coast to visit some sweet friends. It was a beautiful day with great company, and such a nice change of scenery! I should also mention it was Micah’s FIRST beach trip. 💖

Here’s some other family outings and updates.

Speed Boat show at Lake Hollingsworth brought people from all over the world to our backyard! The boats were exciting but the boys enjoyed the personal tour they received of an Ambulance by a kind Fireman even more.

We’re also excited about Blake’s transition to The Lakeland Athletic Club and the new opportunities it’s already bringing about! So proud of his courage in this jump and how hard he works to allow me to raise our boys at home.

Even in a pandemic, don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers.

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Follower of Christ, Wife to Blake, Mother to Adon, Tristan, and Micah. Dedicated to providing a home filled with nourishment, respite, beauty, laughter, and never-ending growth, and bringing that same light out of the home to a lost world. Striving to "taste & see" God's goodness in all of life.

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