kindness to animals, community, & imaginary play

Our Scheidt Family Way this week is “We love one another, treating others with kindness, gentleness and respect”. The best thing about rehearsing these values each morning is that when an opportunity arises to remember what’s good (usually when we’re being bad), these sayings come to mind. So when Tristan throws a toy car at Adon’s head in the bath and Adon retaliates by throwing one back, we can talk about our Scheidt Family Ways. The ‘Ways’ hold value in and of themselves that we see validated as we examine the meanings each morning through scripture. This is SO much more effective than mommy just constantly repeating the obligatory phrase, “Be nice!”. Plus, I swore I’d never be a nag.

I decided to expand the “kindness, gentleness, and respect” piece to our furry family member, Knox, after reading Charlotte Mason speak of children naturally being kind to animals, unless they were taught otherwise. Yikes… I realized Momma hasn’t been so nice to Knox for years! At some point I started having less compassion for his poop, puke, hair, and neediness after having children. This conviction led me to treating him with more respect this week and actually petting him some (haha). I was quite surprised to see how it only took about one day of doing this for my children to mimic my behavior! And then of course, the next poem in our Children’s Book of Virtues was titled, “Kindness to Animals”. Please forgive me, Knoxie.

Yesterday our friend Rae came over to play with the boys for a bit (while mom did some reading) and then fellowship with mom! She is loved by all.

Today the boys enjoyed playing outside all morning, which of course means the costume ottoman gets opened. Adon’s been engulfed in his new comic book Bible he was gifted from his Mina for Christmas, so he’s been drawing and acting out lots of stories from the Bible. Today he decided to be old man Abraham and sacrifice his son Isaac to prove his devotion. Luckily, he too found a ram caught in the bushes to sacrifice instead. 🙂

Ninja Bunny

Playing “I spy” using shapes instead of colors. (Also, Knox stealing Tristan’s rice cake)

Since we didn’t get to go on the homeschooling community hike with our friends today, we decided to head over to our favorite donut place in between Micah’s naps!

And ended the day with mom sneaking in a little latte date with a dear friend, Beth.

heartfelt friendship and decaf peppermint latte… great way to end the day.

daily routine

Here’s a look at what we do each day to keep our kids feeling secure with a predictable schedule, as well as creating order to thrive.

*I should note that you learn very quickly with children that your schedule will be perfect one week, and the next sickness, growth spurts, holidays, and a hoist of many other circumstances will cause you to hit the reset button and go back to the drawing board. I’m not flexible by nature, but I sure do love creating plans, so there’s that. 😉

5:30am – Micah wakes for a feeding

6am – Mom gets ready for the day, has coffee and quiet time (I read our churches corporate Bible Reading plan. Check it out here:

7:15am – Boy’s alarm turns green and it’s okay to wake!

We eat together, read our Scheidt Family Way of the week which includes a devotional…

This book is SO GOOD for families that want a simple format for daily developing Biblical character in their children.

Next, we talk about our Habit for the week, and pray. After breakfast the boys do their chores while I clean up:

  • Take dishes to the sink
  • Boy get dressed and brush teeth together
  • Adon makes the beds
  • Tristan feeds Knox
They enjoy singing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice while brushing. As you can see, sometimes Micah wakes up during chore time. 🙂

8am – Outside to play! [If we’re doing an outing, we’ll start to load the car]

9:30am – Tea time (+snacks) with poetry and/or hymn study

^^^This book is also gold! Thanks to my sis, Aunt Lee Lee, for the gift. Adon memorized this poem for the week and has said it many times throughout his day when he wants to quit on a project. Tristan has also memorized “Try, try again.” 🙂

After tea time, outside again we go! The boys can also do activities inside if they’d rather. But usually, I’m outside reading a book or nursing the baby so they choose to be where I am.

11:30am – Tidy up while mom prepares lunch

12pm – Eat lunch together. We may do another story or poem from the book if the boys ask.

12:30pm – Tristan down for a nap, usually Micah too.

During nap time, Adon and I will usually read from our current chapter book (right now it’s Laura Ingles Wilder’s, On the Banks of Plumb Creek. Then he’ll listen to the Boxcar Children audio book stories through the Hoopla library app. You’ll usually find him playing legos or drawing while he listens.

Here he’s listening to The Boxcar Children, Book #80 – ‘The Hockey Mystery’. On the edge of his seat anticipating who wins the game!

Usually during this time, mom will dinner prep, pay bills, or pick up a book if the first two needs are resolved. Sometimes, she’ll even sneak in a workout that Coach Blake has programmed :).

Although I usually dread it, my “why” for working out is the amazing mental health benefits, as well as strong arms, core, and back while I pick up toys & babies and play on the monkey bars with my monkeys.

2:30pm – Tristan wakes up and he’s usually quite grumpy (like his momma) after a nap so a snack is prepared and ready. Some sliced cucumbers and turkey jerky, coupled with fresh air is usually all it takes to lighten his mood.

3pm – Around this time we seem to need more structure so I’ve implemented afternoon chores (water plants, empty dishwasher, fold and put away clothes, pick up sticks, whatever it takes to keep them busy!).

4pm – Daddy’s home!!! Right now the boys love doing the “underdog swing” when dad gets home that was gifted from GG for Christmas. Or, of course, wrestle.

4:50pm – Pick up toys, wash up for dinner, and help set the table.

5pm – Supper time! This is a sacred time for our family. We enjoy all gathering around, no matter how chaotic it can be, to end the day together over a nutritious meal.

5:30ish – Bath time

6pm – Time for tea (CALM magnesium drink) and stories in the teepee with dad

6:30pm – Prayers and kisses, goodnight!

Blake and I are very strict about early bedtime because we know the value of sleep for their ever-developing brains, as well as mom and dad having uninterrupted alone time together before drifting off to sleep at 9pm.

Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Benjamin Franklin